Sew a little seam Birch Button up and Giveaway!

I was always intimidated to make a button up shirt when I started sewing a while ago.  They just always seemed so daunting.  I was pretty sure it would end up in a mess on the floor, and I’d want to never see it again.  PDF patterns have totally changed my outlook on this.  I feel like I can accomplish just about anything given pictures, videos, and thoughrough instructions.  Kelly at Sew a Little Seam makes the best patterns if you love lots of options.  I think I could clothe my kids in only Kelly’s patterns and they’d still wear a different looking outfit every day.  The new Birch Button up pattern is no exception either.  birch21

There’s full or partial placket, 3 different types of pockets and flaps, long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, front tie hem, curved hem, straight hem, collar, collarless….I think I could go on forever.  Here is the line drawing to show all of the options that are available to mix and match to customize the perfect shirt.  And the sizing goes from 3 months to 16 years, it’s a timeless pattern!20232321_1661967857213442_4652707939691959147_o

I made my son’s shirt with a more traditional look.  I really like the full placket, short sleeve, and pocket.  He didn’t have any short sleeve button up shirts, and this fabric that I got at Hobby Lobby is light enough that it’s great for his summer wardrobe.

The pattern is on sale through August 1 for only $4.90 with the code found in Sew a Little Seam’s Facebook group!!  Now it’s the fun time for the giveaway!  Click below and I’ll be giving away a copy of this great pattern!  If you happen to be the winner, and already purchased I’ll refund your purchase 😊

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47 Replies to “Sew a little seam Birch Button up and Giveaway!”

  1. This is perfect! I have two grandsons and they have a baby brother due in 3 weeks 🙂 It couldn’t be better. I love that it has so many options.
    Your young man looks really handsome and very smart.

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