DIBY Duchess Skirt


The amazing Jessica over at DIBY (Do it better yourself club) is releasing another pattern, and a free one at that!  The Duchess skirt is a simple circle skirt, but has an great feature of a hi-low hem.  It took me longer to print, cut, and determine which fabric to use, than it did for me to sew it.  It’s a great quick sew, and gives such a dramatic look.  dibyskirt

I did mine in a modal knit that I got from LA Finch Fabrics, but the skirt can also be made in woven too.  I did the midi length with the dramatic rise.  The one thing that I did notice, is that since it is a half circle that it does require quite a bit of fabric.  I don’t usually keep 3 yard cuts on hand, so I was limited to just a few fabrics.  The pattern says that the midi length requires 2 1/2 yards for sizes 1-9, and 3 yards for maxi length.  dibyskirt3

This was my first time sewing up a DIBY pattern.  I noticed that she does her sizing differently, but also has quite a large range for sizes and has sizing going all the way up to a 63″ waist.  I love that she’s accommodating so many different sizes.  She also has her sizing listed differently, and not as the usual store bought sizes.  This also helps to make people get their measurements.  Her sizing goes from 1-9 and then 1+ – 9+.  Below is the schedule for the tour dates and pages for this wonderful skirt!dibyskirt4

The Duchess Blog Tour Schedule

July 25th – Sewing With Sarah | Diskordia’s Curvy Sewing
July 26th – Kainara Stitches | Wonderfully Handmade
July 27th – Seams Sew Lo | Mermaid Mama Designs
July 28th – Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen | Cookie on The Loose
July 29th – On Wednesdays we Sew | The Crunchy Mommy

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