TAMI Revolution hoodie revised

The TAMI hoodie from New Horizons Designs was updated just recently.  Extended sizes were added, there’s a long and standard cut line for the length, a lower neckline, and a slimmer fit.  I was lucky enough to test both the original and the new revised version.  I have several (5!!) different TAMI hoodies in my closet.  I wanted to do a comparison post of both the original and the revised side by side.  In the photos, you can tell, as well as when I wear them, that the neckline is lower.  The left is the original and the right is the revised.


Another thing that changed during testing was the size of the hood.  Several testers found the hood to be a little too big.  On the left is the original, then the first draft of the revised, and then the final draft.  You can also see the lower neckline in the photos below too.


And finally, the slimmer fit.  I personally haven’t noticed a huge difference in the fit from the original to the revised version.  There was 2″ removed from the width on the size Medium, with less being removed from the smaller sizes and more removed from the bigger sizes.  I’ve actually been wearing all of my TAMI hoodies this week.  Fall has started here and it’s been rainy and cold all week.



I hope that this helps give some perspective on the difference in fit from the original to the new updated version of the pattern.  If you bought the original, you can download the new revised version from your account.  If you haven’t gotten the pattern yet, it’s still on sale until tomorrow 9/25 for $7.

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