New Horizons Evening Primrose

As a tradition at Christmas time, we always go as a family to a Christmas symphony.  I enjoy going, as it helps to have my kids embrace the arts.  I love sitting and watching them play, and listening to the classic Christmas songs.  I try and make a dress for my daughter to wear every time we go.  It’s one of the things that I love doing for her.  I’ve had the Evening Primrose pattern from New Horizons for a while.  I’ve wanted to make it, but just haven’t had the time.  Luckily I had some time this week to knock out getting her dress done.  I was so excited to finally use this pattern that has been in my stash for longer than I’d like to admit. primrose4

I knew that I wanted a fancy, special occasion type dress.  I went to Joann and looked through their special occasion fabrics.  Nothing was really jumping out at me.  I wanted something plain, but still special.  I found this polyester/rayon fabric that had a different look depending on the angle that you looked at it.  Sometimes it looks black, and other angles it looks blue.  It had gorgeous drape too.  Since I knew I wanted a full dress, I grabbed some tulle along with this blue and a lining as well.  primrose

I saw Julie’s post on the New Horizons blog about lengthening the Evening Primrose pattern to make it a maxi dress.  I decided to hack the pattern and do it in a maxi length.  The hack didn’t require the lining to be done with the maxi length, but since I wanted to add tulle I wanted to have a lining so that she wasn’t getting itchy from the tulle.  Since the skirt isn’t gathered, I gathered the tulle and sewed it to the lining and from then on considered it one piece.  primrose3

The pattern went together easily.  I added a sash out of ribbon to break up the waist.  She and I both absolutely loved the final product.  She twirled so much in!  Who doesn’t love having a princess dress to wear?  I can’t wait for her to wear this gorgeous dress to the Christmas symphony this year.  primrose2

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