Love Notions Sloane Sweater


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that gets inspiration from Pinterest.  I saw a color blocked top on there a while ago and it gave me the inspiration for this Sloane sweater that I made. Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 9.07.55 PM

This was the top, and I felt like I came really close to recreating it with the Sloane without having to color block a pattern that I already own.  I’m really lazy and would prefer to have a pattern close to, or exactly like what I’ve envisioned.  The only thing that I had to add myself was a pocket, which was easy to make myself by cutting a rectangle and sewing it where I wanted it.  sloanew3

I used brushed poly for the top, and I found a suede-like knit at Joann for the elbow patches and the pocket.  The only issue I had was that the knit from Joann was really thick, which is why I did a twin needle stitch around the pocket instead of turning it under and hemming it.  The one thing I wish I would have done differently would be to add length and make the top a bit longer next time.  I usually don’t have to add length to my tops, but this one came out a little shorter than I prefer.  sloanew4

The Sloane pattern has two different views, one is more of a traditional sweatshirt, whereas there is this view which looks more like a relaxed shirt.  There’s only one sleeve length, and it can be made with or without the color blocking at the shoulder.  The elbow patches are included with the pattern. It’s not on sale during this blog tour, as it was just re-released recently.  And don’t forget to check out what the other bloggers sewed up!



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